Ryan Forbes

Managing Partner – MEA

As a Managing Partner within the TechStream Group and one of the groups founding team members I have been involved in building our business from the ground floor up.

Building a new business is challenging; it takes time, drive, commitment and there are many highs and lows along the way. However, once you really start to see the success of what you’ve built the rewards are amazing.

Throughout our growth, I have kept our core vision and values central to everything we have done, and this is reflective in the amazing people we now have in the team.

Prior to building our business in Cape Town, I had spent over six years in the UK recruitment market focusing on hedge funds & asset management whilst developing my recruitment skills. London is one of the world’s recruitment capitals and was fundamental in gaining the knowledge needed to build a market leading practice here in South Africa.

I’ve now been back for over 6 years and loving every minute of it; I’ve worked on many projects across the MEA region that range from staffing up large greenfield mining operations in West Africa to delivering turnkey solutions to enterprise cloud application vendors. The variety of opportunity in such an emerging market is outstanding.

We have positioned ourselves at the cutting edge of the market and are working with some of the hottest technologies across some of the best businesses in what I can only describe as true partnerships.

Building a business like ours can take its toll, not least on the amount of personal time you have, and that’s why you must take every opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I am very fortunate to have married a beautiful wife and we have a new beautiful son which takes up most of our free time. But if there is a morning going spare then you’ll see me on my paddle board heading up the west coast.

Region: Middle East & Africa
Email: ryan.forbes@cloudstreamglobal.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-forbes-a3607322

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