Arwid Detlefs

Talent Manager

Born in Hamburg, I’m really what is called “a northern light” in Germany. As Hamburg is the capital of the Offshore-Wind-Industry in Germany one could not think of a better place to be based for supporting this industry. I have worked within the Renewables market for over 10 years supporting a number of clients at the OEM and Start Up level.

During this 10-year period, I have built a very focused and highly skilled network, that covers a mix of commercial, engineering and C-suite connections. These connections are all critical within the renewables markets. I am best known for my executive approach, often managing a number of confidential search assignments or critical skill demand projects.

I have a real passion for the renewable energy and regard it as the only way we are going to reduce carbon dioxide emission and stop global warming. I find it heart warming to know that I am supporting this industry and keeping focused on the latest technologies and developments.

Besides my profession I love sports and I am an enthusiastic race- and cyclocross biker. After a few hours cycling through Northern Germanys beautiful landscape you simply feel great.

Region: Germany

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