We are working with a specialist Cyber Security Consultancy who help their clients defend against modern attackers and achieve resilience to cyber attacks.

If you are bright, excel at finding new and innovative ways to penetrate cyber security ecosystems and certified in Ethical Hacking, Offensive Security and similar, then please apply.

Some of the key responsibilities in this role:

  • Perform formal penetration tests on web-based applications, networks and computer systems
  • Conduct physical security assessments of servers, systems and network devices
  • Design and create new penetration tools and tests
  • Probe for vulnerabilities in web applications, fat/thin client applications and standard applications
  • Pinpoint methods that attackers could use to exploit weaknesses and logic flaws
  • Employ social engineering to uncover security holes (e.g. poor user security practices or password policies)
  • Incorporate business considerations (e.g. loss of earnings due to downtime, cost of engagement, etc.) into security strategies
  • Research, document and discuss security findings with management and IT teams
  • Work on improvements for security services, including the continuous enhancement of existing methodology material and supporting assets

I look forward to discussing this with you.


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