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The financial technology industry has seen unprecedented growth over the past 5 years with over $49.7 billion investment in start-up capital or funding for expansion & transformation.

This new wave of innovation is disrupting how financial institutions operate as collaborations with FinTech’s increase, new technologies are introduced & business practices are transformed.

The vast sums of money & data transacted in this industry means we are seeing unprecedented levels of cybercrime attacks, increasing levels of vulnerabilities & attack vectors to be exploited.

CyberStream works with “bulge bracket titans”, innovative fintech’s and cybersecurity vendors to identity the best cybersecurity talent to help protect your organization in a variety of flexible engagement models. We sit at the cutting-edge of cybersecurity talent acquisition within fintech, with dedicated specialists in innovator technologists such as biometrics, cryptography, or deploying information & operational security products or expertise across your business.

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