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It is now estimated that 24.1% of all non-food traded is transacted on an ecommerce platform, thus providing both the financial and personal data acquisition incentive that cyber criminals require.

In parallel, the digital phenomenon continues to gain momentum with $1.36 trillion global economic output expected by 2020 and an exponentially increasing amount of data available in the 4.0 connected world.

Ecommerce cybercrime targets major retail brands via a multitude of threats like Point-of-Sale malware installed on payment systems, account takeovers and website outages. Our need for advanced defense systems & policies has never been greater prompting significant investment in cybersecurity in this sector.

CyberStream works with some of the world’s leading retailers as well as innovative startups in helping securing their platforms, servers and trading environments by supplying expert cybersecurity engineering & architecture staff to develop their in-house platforms.

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