Device identity, authentication, and access management are critical to ransomware prevention. A new partnership between Sectigo, one of the largest commercial Certificate Authorities (CA) and SPYRUS, a provider of cryptographic operating systems, will help universities and enterprises protect against ransomware attacks.

By collaborating, Sectigo and SPYRUS plan to make it easier to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data, enabling organizations to combat ransomware attacks.

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that a new organization will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds by 2021. A type of malware attack, ransomware is spread through malicious email attachments, infected software apps, and external storage devices. Public sector organizations are hit particularly hard by Ransomware attacks, which lock the data on a victim’s computer until a cybercriminal receives payment and returns access.

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Source: Smart Energy International

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