Increasing amounts of data, interconnected utility infrastructures, regulation and a general awareness of security and privacy issues raise the pressure also on smart metering security. E360 is our response to the most stringent security requirements.

Security in smart metering is not as simple as the technical security of the solution, that is, the security of devices, communication, software systems and data storing. It demands a holistic approach that embraces the planning of the entire smart infrastructure from a security perspective as well as the people, practices and processes that enable it.

However, the foundation for secure smart metering operations is built on technology with the highest standards for data availability, integrity and confidentiality. It doesn’t consider only the security of individual components, but all the layers and interfaces in a smart metering solution. We designed our E360 smart meter to be an integral part of a smart metering solution. Its security features are considered far beyond the meter itself, from a safe design and production process to installation, maintenance and upgrades.

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Source: Smart Energy International

Categories: Industry News

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