CyberStream engaged with a leading online retailer of non-food products to help support the build of an internal team of PCI DSS subject matter experts tasked with auditing, reviewing and ultimately ensuring continuous, ongoing compliance to new PCI DSS standards being introduced to the market.

Over a period of 6 months, CyberStream helped identify 4 SME’s in PCI DSS that had extensive experience in other leading online retailers. Through our technically aligned model, we were able to effectively engage & assess the suitability of a long-list of individuals in their ability to analyze vulnerabilities of cardholder data, fix these vulnerabilities and effectively communicate these with strong reporting skills.

As an outcome of this detailed assessment process, our client was able to reduce their selection process to a streamlined function and save valuable resources. We have subsequently been engaged to identify a cryptographic engineer to enhance their security protocols and secure their trading platform.

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