CloudStream (CyberStream) are assisting in the expansion of a strategic program of work with a global fortune 500 company to expand their IT Command and Control Capability which will support both its strategic and digital vision and ensure the integrity and overall resilience of the technology organisation.

CloudStream (CyberStream) have been instrumental in the following for the program:

  • Define Scope of Work & Build Strategy for Hire
  • Build out Onsite Team
  • “Go-to-Market” Strategy
  • Define individual positions
  • Build of Microsite
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Selection & Shortlisting
  • Managed Interview Service
    Managed Offer & Resignation Service
  • Full onboarding process managed by onsite team
  • Weekly progress report to invested stakeholders and stream leads
  • Assignment completion report​​

This expansion of the Command Centre includes the build out of the Security Operation Centre. This includes laying the foundations and building blocks to ensure the processes and procedures are in place to build a scalable model (build out of SOC, build out the scope for threat hunting, Red, Blue, Purple Capability etc, whilst hiring people that fit the company’s current and future needs.

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