Our team attended the first ISACA Women in Tech forum hosted in Singapore, acting as an informal discussion as it was the first of its kind. The panellists in attendance were, of course, women in technology, and our Senior Talent Consultant, Darryl Quee was a guest speaker.

Those who attended represented leading brands in the industry, including the local PWC office, BNY Mellon, and a senior director of the Advisory Board from RSM Advisory. This was an exciting evening full of creative engagement that included representatives from educational institutions to government bodies (IDA, IMDA, GovTech).

One of the exciting discussions included the announcement and discussion of SheLeadsTech. This forum allowed us to celebrate and acknowledge the women who have contributed in any form towards the technology space. It opened the floor to unravelling opportunities within different roles and what one needs to do in order to achieve one’s goal.

It was an exciting 60 minutes full of various technical discussions and an evening full of innovation, engagement and fulfilling discussions.

We look forward to attending the next forum and supporting the Women in Technology across the globe.

For more information on SheLeadsTech click here.

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