The multi-brand specialist recruitment entrepreneurs, TechStream Group have today announced the launch of their latest micro-specialist brand aimed at tackling one of the world’s greatest digital transformation staffing challenges. The division: CyberStream.

The CyberStream brand launches in 4 continents simultaneously following a successful 2-year incubation within their sister company [CloudStream] and overnight creates a first-of-its-kind, dedicated cybersecurity boutique talent solutions provider with true global presence.

Adam Marsh [TechStream Group CEO] explains: “there are a small number of what I consider good cybersecurity specialist recruitment companies out there – but none have yet managed to join the dots and provide their clients true global support & internationalisation services. Leveraging the TechStream Group’s existing network, partnerships & infrastructure we have been able to quickly incubate a global cybersecurity recruitment business with a true depth of knowledge and consultants on the ground in the US, UK, Europe, Asia and South Africa. This will be significant for our clients that are looking to expand internationally or our enterprise clients wanting an expert service globally from a single provider.”

Set to be the fastest growing brand within the TechStream Group, CyberStream is already planning additional office launches in the US and Europe, with Germany next in line dur to the significant demand being seen in Berlin, Munich & Stuttgart.

This rapid growth is not surprising considering the insatiable demand for information & cybersecurity experts globally. With an estimated market size of $120bn in 2017 and a growth rate of up to 14.2%, experts estimate there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions by 2021.

Paul Beeke (TechStream Group Board Advisor) comments: “the CyberStream launch fits perfectly with our global strategy to create dedicated brands for each of the major digital transformation emerging markets. It is a highly challenging & competitive arena for organisations looking to grow their security capabilities and increasingly, innovative talent solutions are being requested to help meet their critical goals.”

The CyberStream model is based on creating experienced consultant teams that work in a targeted geographical region, building expertise on one given functional discipline within the cybersecurity supply chain. The brand has been positioned with talent sourcing for security in mind and consultants are positioned by what is best for identification & delivery of cybersecurity talent, instead of internal structures of general technology or risk recruitment companies.

Brett Marsh [CyberStream Managing Partner] explains: “Our talent delivery model is designed to mirror the cybersecurity product or operational lifecycle, enabling our consultants understand a mile deep rather than a mile wide. Cybersecurity experts in software providers are not the same as their peers in operational end-users, their skills & experiences differ vastly as do their corporate goals & mindset”.

Adam Fletcher, the recently appointed Director for CyberStream Asia goes further: “I have worked in Cybersecurity recruitment companies before and for me, we can now offer something unique. Our consultants are trained in their sub-specialism so that [for example] a consultant will only work on Product Management within a specific geography sourcing for security vendors – they get to know their markets and networks pretty quick and can give honest, clear advice on what is available or achievable in the market”

With this exciting launch, CyberStream joins its sister companies in the provision of innovative talent solutions to challenging, emerging technology markets. Visit to find out more on our markets and positioning.